About Us

Hi, We are Daan, Emma, Otto and Nora and together you can call us Ways2go. We are here to help with tips on traveling greener, faster and smarter.


By foot, or by bike, that’s how you will find me traveling through the city. Most of the time I’m faster by bike than by car. You can go as you please and you are not dependant on anyone. I find it very important that my family lives in a sustainable world, if I can contribute to that by taking the bike to work instead of the car it’s a win-win.


Everyday new ways of traveling emerge. Isn’t that great?! That way everyone has a way of traveling that suits them. Personally I aim to find the smartest way to travel. I don’t own a car. Why would I? If I ever need to use a car I can borrow one or simply reserve a car through a car sharing service.


I often hear people around me complaining about public transportation, but I think it's ideal. During my daily train rides I have time to watch a series or read up on news articles. If I choose to hop on the train from a different station I always manage to find an empty seat. How great is that?


Another traffic jam! It’s very tiresome and it seems to be getting worse. It’s such a waste of time. Sadly I’m forced to travel by car since the town where I live does not have a good public transport connection. Besides that, I need to bring my kids places as well.

Join Us!

Ways2go is a campaign owned by Bereikbaar Haaglanden en Rijnland and De Verkeersonderneming.

Together we share the common goal to make sure the area stays accessible to all in a sustainable way. We do this by involving employers, (logistic) employees and residents of the area in smarter way of traveling: by bike, the e-bike, the e-scooter, public transport, collective transport, traveling together but also encouraging people to travel outside rush hours. 

Traveling in such a way that it has less impact on public spaces and making it accessible for the entire population is our aim.

The initiators of Bereikbaar Haageland en Rijnland are the MRDH, VNO-NCW, the City of The Hague, evofenedex and TLN.

The responsible organisations/ parent organisation of De Verkeersonderneming are the MRHD, Rijkswaterstaat WZN/ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat, the Havenbedrijf Rotterdam and the city of Rotterdam.