Delft is located between Rotterdam and The Hague and has 103,163 inhabitants. DThe historic city center of Delft is very typical, but the city is also known for its slogan Creating History, with which it is profiled as a city of knowledge.

Delft is located between the A4, A13 and N470 motorways. The latter is under construction and will be the most sustainable road in the Netherlands. There are two NS stations, Delft and Delft Zuid. Buses and trams run within Delft. For detailed information, visit

Bicycle enthusiast? Biking is important in Delft, therefore shareable bikes are quite common. There are various cycle routes to the surrounding municipalities.

Give your input about the Delft 2040 Mobility Plan

The municipality is working on the Delft 2040 mobility plan. Which formulates a common vision on mobility and traffic in Delft until 2040.

“How do we ensure that Delft remains accessible and habitable?” This is the main question during the conversations that the municipality of Delft wants to have with its residents, entrepreneurs and other interested parties. The municipality also wants to hear your opinion and ideas about questions such as: “How do we travel from A to B in the future?” “How can we give cyclists and pedestrians more space?” “What do the changing travel options mean for the city?” “How should we (re)arrange the city for these changing travel options?”

Do you want to be present at these conversations and share your thoughts?

The discussions will take place on November 25 and December 11. From 7.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. at the Stadskantoor in Delft, Stationsplein 1 (entrance through the station hall).

You can sign up by sending an email to
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