The municipality of Lansingerland was established in 2007 when Berkel, Rodenrijs, Bleiswijk and Bergschenhoek merged. It has more than 61,000 inhabitants, neighboring municipalities are Zoetermeer, Alphen aan den Rijn, Pijnacker-Nootdorp, Zuidplas, Schiedam and Rotterdam. Lansingerland is located near the A12.


Public transport in Lansingerland is provided by the RET and Berkel and Rodenrijs are the Berkel Westpolder and Rodenrijs metro stations. There is also a ZoRo bus connection between Berkel, Rodenrijs and Bergschenhoek. Which means there is a fast connection between Zoetermeer and Rotterdam.

The train station Lansingerland-Zoetermeer is located on the northern edge of Lansingerland. This station offers a connection to the Oosterheem district of Zoetermeer. The station’s name is derived from Lansingerland and Zoetermeer, because the station is on the border of these two municipalities. The station is part of the Stedenbaan project, a metro-like connection of slow trains in the Randstad. For more information, visit

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