9 creative ways to travel

Why stick to one means of transport? If you have so many options. That’s why I try them all. This is how I explore the smartest way to travel.

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Yes, of course you can try and beat rush hour for the thousandth time. Or pedal like crazy on your old bike or huff and puff away to fit into yet another full packed train. But you could also try something new for a change!  

In this blog we present to you a couple of alternative and, most of all, fun ways to travel, if you dare!

1. Powerisers

Ever dreamed of feeling like a superhero or just in a hurry to get somewhere? These stilts are the thing for you! 

2. Segway

No, it’s not only for tourists, and yes it takes some practice but fun is guaranteed.

3. Monocycle

Should you have reached pro level on the Segway, why not give the Monocycle a try! A good balance and a pinch of courage is needed to operate this device.

4. Carriage

Do you like handing over the reins to someone? Are you longing for a romantic and relaxing ride? Try going out on the town in a carriage ride.

5. Skippy ball

You might need to search the neighborhood for this one but with this colorful accessory you are bound to steal the show.  

6. Roller blades

Be honest for a second, this is so much more fun than running the same old treadmill in the gym every day. A good way to get from A to B and also a good workout!

7. Boat

For the lucky ones in our midst that live along the waterline. A boat is an amazing way to get around. Just don’t forget to bring an umbrella in case Dutch weather catches up on you. 

8. Skateboard/ Longboard

It might take a little practice but before you know it you’ll be cruising the streets like Tony Hawk.

9. Tandem

Why don’t you inform if any of your colleagues lives near and cycle to work together on a tandem? It’s great for teambuilding and catching up!

Which one of these ways to travel would you like to try? Maybe you can even add a number 10 to our list.