The mystery of the traffic jam free Friday

I would like to use public transport more often. But so far my car gives me more independence.

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You might recognize the following situation. It’s Friday morning, weekend is calling, you head out to work and everything is going smoothly. Without any traffic jams and stress you arrive at the office. If only every day were like Friday!
The question here is obvious: How do I manage to get to work without any struggle, only on Fridays? Could it be because a lot of people are free on Friday and therefor there’s less traffic on the road? Surprisingly, no!

De Verkeersonderneming did some research on the matter, zooming in on the A20 and did some discoveries.
Monday through thursday, most vehicles on the A20  come from Schieplein between 6:15 AM and 6:30 AM. There are mainly two kinds of vehicles on the road, either delivery vans or passenger cars. Delivery vans make up one third of these vehicles.

But what’s different on Friday? Delivery vans still form a peak in traffic between 6:15 AM and 6:30 AM. The peak in passenger cars is still there on Friday, but half an hour later than usual. The delivery vans are able to keep driving without passenger cars getting in the way. Afterward passenger cars had free range. Both within the same morning traffic.

The solution

It seems as if the traffic jam problems could partially be solved if we could spread traffic peaks out a bit. Let’s say passenger cars always, not just on Fridays, leave half an hour later than the delivery vans. The question remains whether the people in passenger cars traveling on Friday are the same ones traveling monday through thursday. Apparently they are capable of planning their journey to work differently on Friday. Or are they more relaxed in their morning ritual on Fridays because the weekend is just around the corner? How can you convince them to commute to work half an hour later every day of the week? Or are these people on the road with a different motive than getting to work?
Are you the kind of person that’s also on the road Friday mornings? Do you see this phenomenon on the A13 and A20 as well? Do you leave half an hour later on Fridays?
Let me know. I am very curious!