Walking is the new trend!

Why stick to one means of transport? If you have so many options. That’s why I try them all. This is how I explore the smartest way to travel.

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To get to work or visit friends you probably go by bike or take the bus or car. But I predict that walking is going to be the new trend. You want to know why?

Research from the University of East Anglia shows that people who travel to work by foot have a better mental health than those who don’t. The general well-being goes up, people are able to concentrate better and experience less stress.

Clear your head

Nobody enjoys stress. When you’re walking home from work you can feel the stress of the day leaving your mind and body. It’s a moment to relax. I consider it a form of meditation. I use the Headspace-app (Via iTunes or Google Play)

But you can also choose to listen to a podcast, music or an audiobook whilst you walk. There is a huge amount of it available on the internet.

Now, a lot of people are going to say that the distance from their home to their office is too far to do by foot. Walking the entire way to work might not be possible but maybe visiting friends is? Or maybe just the way to the train station? That way you can skip the bus or metro.


When you choose to walk to work you’re also improving your health. This way you’ll more easily reach your recommended daily half-hour exercise. In the 60’s doctor Yoshiro Hatano came to the conclusion that to live a healthy life you need to take at least 10,000 steps a day.

The average human being takes 6,000 steps a day, so basically all you need to do is walk 4,000 extra steps a day. Easily done with a half hour walk.

Walking is becoming a trend. More and more city planners take into consideration extra space for pedestrians. Extra benches along the way are also added to take a moment and relax. Do you ever walk to work, the movies or your friends? What are the best pedestrian zones in your neighborhood? Take a picture and let me know!