In Ways2Quiz our contestants answer questions in order to win win voucher for the electric share scooter. Each voucher grants them an hour if driving fun!

Ways2Quiz #1 - Henny and Patricia

Do you know what a ‘Cargoroo’ is? In the first episode of Ways2Quiz Henny and Patricia answer questions about transport. Each answer they answer correctly grants then a new voucher for an hour on the electric share scooter. How many questions do you think they answered correctly?

Ways2Quiz #2 - Sem and Tim

“My scooter is my baby” says Tim. In the second episode of Ways2Quiz Sem and Tim answer as many questions as they can in order to win electric share scooter vouchers. How many hours do you think they will win?

Ways2Quiz #3 - Sylwia and Esnart

In the third episode of Ways2Quiz it’s up to Sylwia and Esnart to answer as much questions correctly as they can. Will they answer all the questions correctly?

Ways2Quiz #4 - Marieke and Rachel

In this last episode of Ways2Quiz Marieke and Rachel will answer some questions about traffic and shared transport. How many questions will they answer correctly?