Do you, as an employer, want to start with accessibility and/or sustainability? Read more about our smart tips, which you can use immediately.

Because a more accessible city or region is good for the environment, but it is also good for the economy and for you as an employer. There are many benefits, such as higher productivity and lower absenteeism. Moreover, you want to be easily accessible for suppliers and customers.

So do you want to be an likeable employer? Are you familiar with flexible working? Do you want to reduce CO2 emissions and costs? Ways2go can help you. Below you will find useful factsheets about: Collective transport, Flexible working, Bicycle stimulation and Public transport stimulation

Download factsheet Bicycle stimulation (Dutch)

Cycling contributes to the vitality of employees, health and it is wonderful to cycle your head empty. Read more about how you can stimulate bicycle use in your organization.

Download factsheet Flexible working (Dutch)

One way to increase sustainability and prevent traffic jams is to promote flexible working. Read more about it in our factsheet "Flexible working"

Download factsheet Public transport stimulation (Dutch)

One way to travel more sustainably and to cause fewer traffic jams is by traveling by public transport. How do you encourage the use of public transport among employees within your organization? You can read that in our factsheet "public transport stimulation."

Download factsheet Collective transport (Dutch)

There are many Ways2go to travel sustainably and with as few traffic jams and delays as possible. One is offering collective transport for employees. Read more about it in our "Collective transport" factsheet.