This wonderful promotion is intended for all employees who can cycle to work. Is their bike catching dust in the shed because it’s broken? Is the bike rattling a bit and no longer comfortable to travel with? We are here to help!

Upon request, the bicycle repair service visits your office. The repair service takes a closer look at the bicycles. By examining the tires, lubricating the chain and checking the lights. Does anything else have to be repaired? The service will give advice to your employee on how to procede.

The promotion ‘Bicycle repair at work’ takes place at work. We communicate in advance when the bicycle repair service is available to drop by, so that all employees are informed in time. The employees themselves take the bicycles to work to be repaired.

Interested? Please contact Roel Lenoir, bicycle promoter,

Boompjes 200
3011 XD Rotterdam
T 088-7970529
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