Do you live in Schiedam-Zuid or Schiedam-West and are you ready for a challenge? Sign up now for the MaaS-Xperience!

During the MaaS-Xperience you set your car aside for 2 months and discover other forms of transport.

The municipality of Schiedam has developed special mobility hubs in collaboration with Juuve. These are places in your area where you can rent partial transport. Think of sharing cars, but also sharing bicycles and sharing scooters.

You will receive a special mobility budget of € 200 per month to use all these services. This way you can try out all these forms of transport when it suits you. The condition is that you set your car aside. Are you up for the challenge? Then sign up quickly!

At the moment you can only participate in the trial offer if you live in Schiedam-Zuid or Schiedam-West, but also report if you live in the immediate vicinity. Read the detailed conditions (Dutch, pdf) and the privacy policy (Dutch, pdf).

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