We all notice that Science Park Zuid is doing well. More and more companies settle and that is leading to more traffic congestion.
The Science Park Zuid in Delft wants to be and remain easily accessible. This requires smart and sustainable mobility. We therefore offer the possibility to come to work with all kinds of transport. There are partial bicycles, a carpool app, bundled, current and local traffic information and the possibility to try out electric bicycles in commuter traffic. In short: A different flavour for everyone.
Choose what suits you, so that you are less often stuck in traffic: The Science Park Zuid moves!

Join us?

At the bottom of this page you will find different options for smart transport. Get started and try our smart and sustainable transport options yourself.


We are very curious about your experiences. Register as a participant and let us know what you have experienced and whether you will continue to travel differently.
We send participants a few short questions and to reward you, you have the chance to win a fit bit. This is a digital pedometer with all kinds of options.

We draw a winner every month. So jcome and join!

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Is there a traffic jam?

In the evening rush hour people are often stuck in traffic on the roads around the Science Park. The peak of the traffic jam lasts only a small part of the evening rush hour. With the right information you can possibly avoid the traffic jam.

We are therefore happy to show you how busy it is on the road. We have combined images from the intersection to the highway with the traffic in the immediate area.

We also show current departure times for public transport. This way you know exactly how busy it is and whether it might be a good idea to leave fifteen minutes later or to choose another way of transport (the next time). You find all this information in one place.

Is it busy on the road now?

We have combined camera images and a map of the traffic flow with current departure times for public transport. Choose your location and visit through these links:

What is my expected travel time?

At www.tripcast.nl you can find more information aboout smart departure times. Choose your starting point and destination and your travel time is calculated based on your chosen departure time. The site also indicates the expected delay compared to a journey without delay. In the graph you can see if the delay increases or decreases if you leave later or earlier.

Visit www.tripcast.nl

Carpool app

Do you want to go to work by car? Why should you drive alone or yourself? Go carpooling. Which is cheap, sustainable, saves a lot of traffic jams, delays and is also fun. You can carpool with colleagues but also with people from the other organizations in the park. The carpool app helps you find your fellow carpooler and makes it possible to make good agreements with each other so that you will not be confronted with unexpected surprises.

Download the app

For carpooling we make use of the commuty app.
You can only participate in the carpool community if your employer participates in the Science Park Zuid Moves project.
Download the app in the:

Download Commuty in de Apple App Store Download Commuty in de Google Play Store

Create an account and start right away.

Bicycles to share

Since March 2018 there is a bicycle-sharing system by Mobike in Delft. The bicycles are in different places at Science Park Zuid and at the two Delft train stations, but you can also find them in other places in Delft. You pick up these striking bicycles with orange wheels if you want transport to or from the station or, for example, if you want to be close to a customer. They are not just bicycles, but, as you can expect at Science Park Zuid, innovative, smart bicycles. So you do not need a key but you open the bike with your smartphone. Super nice and also easy to use!

Download the app

You need the app to be able to use the Mobike bikes. Download the Mobike app in:

Download Mobike in de Apple App Store Download Mobike in de Google Play Store

To use a Mobike you pay € 1.00 per ride (of approximately 20 minutes). In addition, subscriptions are possible for respectively one month or one year of unlimited use. Rates may vary. Check the Mobike site for the current rates.
You open the bike by scanning the QR code with your phone by using the app.

You lock the bike by stopping the ride in the app. You can start and end your ride anywhere in the city. You can park the bicycles in places where this is also permitted for other bicycles. In the app you can see where bicycles are. You can reserve a bike 15 minutes in advance.

Public transport

Below you will find real-time information about departure times for public transport:

Give it a try

Are you a motorist and do you think that public transport might be an alternative for you?
If you travel by car for commuting at least 3 days a week on average, you can try out public transport at our expense.
For more information, visit: Probeerpas.nl


  1. Employees of Applikon, Deltares, Exact, TU Delft and 3M located at Science Park Zuid in Delft can use all the facilities that are part of this promotion. The sharing bikes can be used by anyone in Delft.
  2. The costs for using the sharing bicycles are for your own account. Create an account. A € 5 deposit is requested. You can request this back from Mobike when you close your account.
  3. If you register as a participant and share your experiences, you are eligible for the prize draw. This is only possible for employees of the Science Park organizations participating in the project.
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