Sustainable car sharing

Do your employees drive many business kilometers with their own car? Or do you want to get started with sustainable mobility? Then participate in a pilot with sustainable shared cars. Then you know if it is something for your company. During the 3-month pilot, we offer you, in collaboration with Amber, a so-called free-floating car sharing system with electric shared cars, where you will enjoy considerable benefits during the pilot.

What does the pilot entail?

During the pilot, Amber makes electric shared cars (BMW i3) available for your employees to use for both business and private purposes. The only thing you have to facilitate are parking places and charging points, so the vehicles can be taken with a full battery. You will receive a 100% mobility guarantee from Amber. Based on demand, it is determined how many cars will be available. That can therefore vary per day. And in the unlikely event that no shared car is available, Amber ensures that the journey can still be made in a different way. The cars are 100% electric, run on green energy and have no CO2 emissions, so sustainable!

Why participate?

The pilot gives you as an organization the opportunity to try out what sustainable shared cars can mean for you in a low-threshold and relatively inexpensive way. Certainly in organizations where many business trips with own transport take place, this pilot is interesting and costs neutral or even cheaper than the current situation, because no more claims have to be processed. For organizations that already have one or more shared cars but whose use is not optimal, this pilot offers the possibility to easily adapt the fleet to the demand. In addition, you only pay for use and it is therefore quickly cheaper than to expand your own fleet (which may be standing still for the most part).

At the end of the pilot, the travel behavior and travel needs of your organization have been mapped, you have experienced whether electrical sharing mobility fits within the organization and you can form or adjust a mobility policy based on data and user experience.

Collaboration with Amber

One of the partners of Ways2go (Bereikbaar Haaglanden en Rijnland) is working with Amber on this pilot. Amber is a B2B car-sharing provider with a flexible fleet of BMW i3 cars and a mobility guarantee. They also do this for parties such as ABN AMRO, Philips, KPN, Essent, a.s.r. and EY. The mobility guarantee ensures that a shared car can actually be an alternative to your own car, lease car or for pool cars.


You are or you will become a covenant partner of Bereikbaar Haaglanden and Rijnland

You put together a team within your organization to make the pilot a success. Think of a project owner, a communication specialist, an HR specialist and a facility manager.

Your organization has charging stations.


Please contact Project Leader Bert van Rijssen ( from Bereikbaar Haaglanden and Rijnland. He will gladly discuss the ins and outs with you (together with Amber) and have calculation examples.

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