Have you ever tried an e-bike? No? This is your chance! You can try an e-bike, free for a week.

With an e-bike you can easily travel longer distances without getting sweaty or exhausted. Which is making the e-bike a great replacement for car rides to and from work. Maybe for you too.

A number of bicycle dealers in Schiedam, Papendrecht and Dordrecht are willing to let you experience what it is like to cycle on an e-bike. All for free!

What should you do?

  1. Select your municipality below.
  2. Fill in the form. Choose which bike you want to try, when and where you want to pick it up.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email. Take this mail to your pick up location.
  4. Try the e-bike. A week long! For free.
  5. Afterwards you share your experiences in a questionnaire.

De Verkeersonderneming works together with the municipalities of Schiedam, Papendrecht and Dordrecht to stimulate bicycle use. We do this by introducing you to the benefits of the (electric) bicycle. Maybe that is why you will soon leave the car at home and thus ensure better accessibility in your municipality.

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Curious about the conditions of this promotion? You will find the conditions and frequently asked questions this document.

Participating Bicycle Dealers

  • Damme tweewielers
    Borodinlaan 60, 3122 HB Schiedam
  • Van Leeuwen Tweewielers
    Groenelaan 48, 3114 CJ Schiedam
  • Hoppstein Rijwielhandel
    Dam 16A, 3111 BD Schiedam
  • Korteland Rijwielen
    Jan van Goijenstraat 19, 3351 JM Papendrecht
  • Voogt Tweewielers
    Espenhof 12, 3355 BM Papendrecht
  • Profile Vietsch
    Pearl Buck-erf 77a, 3315 BA Dordrecht
  • De Rooij Tweewielers
    Van Eesterenplein 196, 3315 KW Dordrecht
  • Maia Mobiliteit Special Bikes
    Stevensweg 79a, 3319 AJ Dordrecht
  • Bike Totaal Isendoorn Tweewielers
    Admiraalsplein 2, 3317 BA Dordrecht
  • Goos Stam Fietsen
    Damstraat 92, 3319 BE Dordrecht
  • Royal Bike Fieta Scooter
    Merwedestraat 247-251, 3313 GT Dordrecht
  • Profile van Oudenaarden
    Het Woud 4, 3232 LN Brielle
  • Bike Totaal Leensvaart Rijwielen
    Polyanderweg 12, 3218 XT Heenvliet
  • Van Leeuwen Tweewielers
    Emmastraat 37, 3181 GC Rozenburg
Boompjes 200
3011 XD Rotterdam
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E info@ways2go.nl
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