We miss our colleagues, but not the traffic jams

540 People from the Rotterdam region took part in a short survey about working from home. This survey was conducted among respondents of the Mobility panel of De Verkeersonderneming and was distributed through the social media channels of Ways2go.

85% Of respondents is working from home at the moment. Slightly more than half of the respondents say they enjoy telecommuting. The fact that they no longer have to be in a traffic jam is mostly mentioned as the biggest advantage. In contrast, 95% of the respondents indicate that they miss their colleagues. However, it is striking that there are no differences in the experience of working from home, between people who never worked from home before and people who sometimes did.


What do you miss most since working from home?

  1. Colleagues
  2. Information about work
  3. Daily routine

37% of the respondents already worked at home before the corona measures. Most of them did this on average one day a week. Almost a quarter of this group does not like working from home, because they are more distracted, among other things. “I like working from home for a day, but for a whole week is rather boring,” said one of the respondents.

Also noteworthy is the group of parents who work from home, they are not necessarily more negative about telecommuting while they also have to deal with their children. In total, no fewer than 105 telecommuters are currently helping their children with homeschooling.

“There are times when working from home is fine, but there are also times when it does not work well. For example, you are also a “teacher” or “psychologist” with a teenager at home, “said one respondent.

Most respondents indicate that they can log in to their employer’s system from home. Also, many employers currently facilitate digital meetings.