De Grote Kruising

Information and alternative means of transport during the reconstruction of De Grote Kruising in Krimpen aan den IJssel.

De Grote Kruising

The intersection of the: N210, the C.G. Roosweg, Nieuwe Tiendweg and Industrieweg in Krimpen aan den IJssel, is an essential junction in the busy Algera corridor. That’s why this intersection is called “De Grote Kruising”. In the coming years, work will be carried out in seven phases on De Grote Kruising. The redesign of the junction and access roads will improve the flow of traffic on the Algeria corridor in the future.

Road works and diversions

Until 28 August 2020, work will be carried out on Nieuwe Tiendweg, Van Ostadelaan and the interchange. The road works on the C.G. Roosweg (phase 5) will start on September 1. These road works will last until at least spring 2021.

Roads are closed during road works and therefore diversion routes apply to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. Do you want to know which road works take place when and what the diversion routes are? Please visit:

Try something different

During the road works you can follow the diversion routes, but you can also use alternative travel options. For example, there is a free e-bike trial promotion. Because did you know that with an e-bike you are often faster than with the car, at shorter distances? And it is also relaxing. You can now try an e-bike for free for five days at a bicycle shop near you. And if there is no bicycle dealer in your area, please let us know as soon as possible. We will try to find a suitable solution.

After the summer holidays we expect even more alternative travel options. So keep following Ways2go for updates. For current traffic information you can also visit: