The Wantijbridge is closed from January 19, 7pm until April 3 2020

From January 19, 7pm until April 3, 2020, the Wantijbridge will be closed in both directions for cars, motorcycles and trucks. However, the bridge is still open for: emergency services, public transport, (moped) cyclists and pedestrians. There is a detour for all the other traffic via the A15 and A16. So you will have extra travel time if you are traveling by car. Local and destination traffic also has to deal with extra delays. In case you’re captain on a ship, the bridge will not be operated from 6 January to October 2020.

Why is the Wantijbridge closed?

The bridge is located at the N3 across the Wantij. The N3 connects Dordrecht with Papendrecht. It was build in 1970, so it needs renovation. Due to the increase of heavy (freight) traffic the Wantijbridge has wear and tear. And the systems and installations also need to be replaced. This bridge is the first bridge in the Netherlands that gets a new standard for the operation, control and monitoring. Besides the fact that it is the first of thirteen bridgdes in South Holland that will be renovated. This renovation is part of the largest maintenance task in the history of Rijkswaterstaat.

Detour routes?

Traffic is advised to use the A15 and A16 (and vice versa).

Traffic with hazardous substances will travel via the A15, A59, A27 and A16 (and vice versa).


The Wantijbridge is closed for cars, motorcycles and trucks. But public transport, (mopeds) bicycles and pedestrians can still use it.

During the closure, you should use public transport, a bike or work from home. However, if you want to take the car, travel outside rush hour as much as possible.

Toolbox Wantijbridge (Dutch)

We created a toolbox, for employers and employees who will experience (possibly) importunity from the closure of the Wantijbridge. Here you can find all kinds of material to inform yourself and others.

Up-to-date information about the Wantijbridge closure

Rijkswaterstaat continuously informs about the closure of the Wantijbridge.

Current information

Rijkswaterstaat also has a new website, Werk aan de N3. Here you will find all information about the major maintenance on the N3.

Current information

Information about the closure from the municipality of Papendrecht.

Current information

Information about the closure from the municipality of Dordrecht.

Current information

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